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Meseret Argaw

She has taken part in prestigious workshops, such as the Canon Student Development Program (2021), the Addis Foto Fest International Workshop (2020), the UNESCO Journalism Workshop (2015), and the Goethe Institute Portfolio Review (2016), among others.

Her work revolves around the themes of identity, history and dreams. Her projects have been part of group shows at the Goethe Institute, Addis Foto Fest and UPPA, among others. Her project, Untitled, explores a harsh childhood memory and its plausible relation to the person she is today. ‘I began with the thought that I was fighting my own battle’ — she comments in her project statement — ‘but I came to realize that through my story I was telling the story of women who daily walk the road I could have walked.’

According to the Jury, Meseret’s stories “depict a highly personal perspective. The photographs are strong, intimate and impactful. She is exploring her language with thought behind her work. The portfolio is consistent and nuanced, showing creativity in her approach to design the picture – we can see vision and promise in her work.”