Eli Kaufman

Salesforce Administrator

Eli has joined the END Fund in April 2023 and serves as Salesforce Administrator, looking after the database used by all parts of the organization, empowering users and optimizing the system to support the organization’s goals.

Prior to joining the END Fund, Eli worked with a variety of tech companies in roles of managing support and operations. For over 10 years he worked extensively with Salesforce technology, helping organizations make the most out of it as an administrator, consultant and an owner of a consultancy business.

Initially working with for-profits, having come across Effective Altruism inspired Eli to focus his career on helping organizations working on important and impactful causes.

Eli studied Computer Science and Linguistics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel and lived in several countries. When not working, he enjoys traveling, learning about cultures and languages, playing the piano and playing with dogs.