Why the END Fund


Why the END Fund?

Since 2009, Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist, Nick Kristof has written an annual “holiday gift guide” for his New York Times column to highlight organizations working to make the world a better place. We are so thrilled that Nick chose to highlight our work this year! 

The END Fund is working mightily to [end] elephantiasis and other “neglected tropical diseases,” including river blindness and trachoma, both excruciatingly painful causes of blindness. They, too, have cheap and simple solutions.

The END Fund also targets intestinal worms, which prey on hundreds of millions of children in poor countries. We deworm our pets in America, but poor children can’t get dewormed even though the cost is less than 50 cents per child; it’s one of the highest-return investments available.
-Nick Kristof

Join Nick in making a holiday gift this season!

Treatment for these diseases is mind-blowingly cheap due to an unprecedented drug donation campaign led by pharmaceutical companies. As a result, it costs less than 50 cents to provide NTD treatments for one year.

We believe investing in and alongside local resources, has the potential to end these diseases in our lifetime.  We work closely with NGOs to build capacity at the local level, strengthen health systems, deepen knowledge about NTDs, and integrate with efforts to scale up community health worker programs. Our ultimate goal is to transfer programmatic ownership to countries.