Our Values

Results and Efficiency

The END Fund has a singular focus – to reduce the prevalence of NTDs in the most cost-effective, high-impact manner possible. The Fund takes a results-oriented approach and rigorously monitors every grant investment. We believe that part of achieving great results is a commitment to taking on and responding to challenges swiftly, staying flexible, and fostering and embracing innovation.

Servant Leadership

Successful NTD control and elimination efforts are dependent on a broad range of partners working together in concert: health and development NGOs, visionary and committed donors, pharmaceutical companies, and leaders within disease-endemic developing countries. The END Fund is dedicated to serving the broader goals and vision of the NTD movement and to always finding ways to leverage our unique assets to be of highest service to the collective movement.

Excellence and Stewardship

The END Fund adopts a private sector approach that employs the best practice principles, eschewing unnecessary bureaucracy and delivering the very highest returns on an investment. We are always mindful of the trust donors have placed in the END Fund and deeply committed to the responsible planning and management of assets.

Joy and the Transformational Power of Giving

We believe that giving should be a joyful and transformative experience that enhances the lives of donor and grantee alike. A donation to the END Fund introduces donors to the African concept of “Ubuntu” which means, “I am because you are”. This is the recognition that we are all connected to one another and that by helping others, we help ourselves.