• A Bright 2016

    Jan 04, 2017
    2016 has been a landmark year for the END Fund and the NTD community. I am so grateful to each of you for joining this close collaboration of partners and supporters dedicated to seeing the end of diseases of neglect.
    Ellen Agler
  • Thank You, Alan Fenwick

    Dec 06, 2016
    I was caught off guard when I recently received an invitation to attend Professor Alan Fenwick’s retirement reception in London. I know Alan has been speaking about, or one can say threatening, retirement for sometime now - but the reality is setting in and I’m somewhat at a loss for words.
    Elisa Baring
  • Joining a Great Crowd

    Dec 02, 2016
    Working with the World Health Organization (WHO) for 31 years gave me insight into the enormous task of reducing the burden of diseases, especially in developing countries. Challenged by this, I decided to contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality by setting up Amen Health Care and Empowerment Foundation in 2004.
    Kimberly Kamara, Rita Aizehi Aimiuwu Oguntoyinbo,
  • Frontline Heroes

    Nov 21, 2016
    Heroes don’t always wear capes and fight dangerous villains. It’s not only soldiers, police, and firefighters risking their lives to protect citizens. Sometimes heroes are just ordinary people with an unwavering passion for what they do, paired with a deep compassion for others.
    Yayne Hailu
  • Listening Tour: Learning from History

    Oct 19, 2016
    Listen as I sit down with Yaobi Zhang, Senior Scientific Advisor for NTDs in Africa at Helen Keller International. Yaobi talks about his time working on schistosomiasis control in China and how he has used his knowledge of the history of control efforts to inform his career.
    James Porter