• Those "Gut" Feelings

    Sep 29, 2015
    You know, when you walk into a room and can just feel the tension? You see someone fall down and your own gut tightens? Your stomach is gurgling, and you can't concentrate on your work? Yes, we have many gut feelings. Do you trust them? Believe it or not, new research is demonstrating that we may not have as much choice as we think! Our guts – our small intestines – have an intelligence of their own.
    Scott Morey
  • Inspiration in Light of Hardship

    Sep 25, 2015
    Walking on Idjwi Island in the hot humid air, it was necessary to cross a village to reach the hospital. As Dr. Jacques Sebisaho and I walk through this village, the children playing together all stop to talk and follow the doctor to the hospital. As we continue walking, I notice that there is a boy with a swollen tummy sitting alone in a chair by the door of his mud walled home.
    Kimberly Kamara
  • Storytelling: Ending NTDs through 10 Steps

    Sep 10, 2015
    Storytelling is one of those things - often times over looked or underestimated in a world with so many competing priorities. But in reality, we all live life through stories. We, as humans, have come a long way from sharing words around a fire and now we can scroll through our Facebook or Twitter feeds. All of these forms of storytelling allow us to connect with each other and ourselves.
    Yayne Hailu
  • Schistosomiasis at “Street View” – Cost Effectively Identifying Hotspots Through High Res Mapping

    Aug 31, 2015
    I had the pleasure of being a co-author on a recent academic paper that was published by PLoS NTDs. I like to think the piece explained breakthrough work and so a blog to showcase the exciting work it highlights seemed called for.
    Warren Lancaster
  • Triumph and Transformation – Summit to See the END

    Aug 04, 2015
    It’s hard to believe a little more than two weeks ago, our team of 16 climbers descended from the highest point in Africa, as part of the Summit to See the END. Part of the richness of the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro was spending seven days with END Fund colleagues and our partners, their friends and family — including Jonathan Rechtman.
    Heather Haines, Jonathan Rechtman