The Story of Daniel Shungu

Dec 18, 2017

Daniel Shungu first came to the United States in 1962 from the Democratic Republic of Congo. His plan was not to stay in America for the rest of his life, but to get an education and return to the DRC with skills that would help people in his country. However, his life plan changed and he ended up staying in the United States for the next 55 years.  But, a pleasant surprise led him to an early retirement and the ability to bring his expertise back to the DRC. This episode of the Listening Tour examines the story of Daniel Shungu and the work he does for UFAR


Daniel Shungu
Daniel Shungu meeting with villagers on his latest trip to the DRC in the Fall of 2017.

Daniel Shungu Trees
One of the challenges getting around the DRC was that fallen trees would block the roads. 

Daniel Shungu on the road
At points in the trip, the land cruiser needs to drive over a bridge that in Daniel's words,
 "left much to be desired".