It Calmed My Spirit (part two)

Jul 24, 2017

John Uniack Davis, Regional Director, West Africa, Helen Keller International 

This is part two of a six-part series. Read part one here

Before he had surgery last year, Karamogo Sanogo, age 86, was unable to walk or even stand up to pray. He was suffering from the extreme effects of hydrocele for at least six years. Karamogo knew that surgery could cure his condition, but he could not afford it. He had tried traditional remedies that had no positive impact. In fact, traditional “cures” for hydrocele often actually make things worse, in some cases resulting in necrosis of the testicles and requiring castration.

Karamogo Sanogo
Photo Credit: Marily Knieriemen

Fortunately, Karamogo heard that Helen Keller International was offering the surgery free of charge through his local government health center and he rushed to get it done. He is now in good health for a man of his advanced age, walking on his own after years of not being able to do so, and he once again prays standing up.

This is part two of a six-part series. Read part on here